Reading Notes 7-21-17

1. Content Isn't King - Benedict Evans

Bookmarked this from Ben's last weekly newsletter. This article draws the distinction between Tech and Media companies in terms of priorities and goals, location, and their evolving relationship with each other. It provides a good summary of how the book and music industries have become less important to tech companies, with TV soon likely to follow. Worth a read. 

2. Inside Jeffrey Katzenberg's Plan to Revolutionize Entertainment on Mobile Screens - Andrew Wallenstein (Variety)

Short video programming, using A-list talent, with higher production costs targeting Gen Z and mobile. Which also means higher advertising cost for brands and probably less authenticity. 

3. Publishers And The Pursuit Of The Past - Ben Thompson (Stratechery)

Good teardown of why old media publishers struggle in digital. Again, traditional media companies feel entitled because they misidentify their product and revenue streams.